B2B Lead-Generation and List Building Services

Increase the leads in your pipeline through our lead-generation marketing services and watch how effective closing appointments and engaging cold prospects becomes.

With our B2B list building services we offer a list of verified prospects that you can connect with. You will quickly notice lower sales turn-around times and increased conversion rates, with the same amount of sales efforts than before. Our team ensures that the contacts provided by us are key influencers and decision makers, who are better suited to understand the relevance of your products or service, thereby increasing the chances of converting that prospect into a client.

As a part of our services, we follow these steps to ensure that your B2B lists are accurate and filled with valuable contacts:

  • We start off by getting a high-level understanding of your products and services.

  • Create detailed Buyer Persona - We determine the ideal prospects on the basis of their geographic location, industry type & sub-industry, revenue, size of the company and role of the person in the organization.  

  • We build a list of prospects and their contact information through our research process. This is the most important aspect, and this is what we spend the bulk of our time on.

  • We also validate each contact to make sure that they are presently working in the target organization, so that you don’t end up with a number or email ID that does not work anymore.

At GoEdison, we have a team of dynamic professionals who are highly experienced in creating accurate and excellent B2B lists.

With global markets converging at a rapid pace, competition within the numerous industries has never been more cut-throat. As a business owner, your primary goal is to ensure sustainable growth; however, in order to do so, you must have consistent, valuable sales. A highly beneficial way to ensure this is to invest in an digital marketing agency that offers an accurate and targeted database of prospects for your B2B lead-generation efforts. Your marketing should always be a driving force in saving you more time and creating you more sales.

The following are a few ways working with GoEdison can help your business grow at a rapid pace:

Better Targeted B2B Lead-Generation Sales Efforts

Many companies start off with cold calling efforts to initiate sales, and while certain salesmen do strike gold, others face misdialed calls, bounced emails, hang-ups and disinterested buyers. With GoEdison, your sales efforts are far more targeted towards people who would actually want to know more about your services. Our B2B lead-generation marketing is always intentful and our the B2B sales data we provide is always verified.

Arranging meetings before Trade Shows and Industry events

GoEdison can profile companies and their representatives visiting and exhibiting at various industry events right before the event even under strict time constraints. You can speak to the representatives you are targeting and schedule meetings during such shows in order to properly demonstrate the full extent of your offerings. This way, your potential customers can see your product or service in action and make informed purchase decisions.

Reduce Your B2B Sales Cycle

An accurate B2B marketing list can be used to streamlining time and effort spent facilitating actual sales. Since the pain of Lead Qualification in the sales cycle is handled by GoEdison, your sales team can focus on engaging with the prospects, assessing their needs, presenting the solution and finally closing the deal.  

Improve Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

Verified databases of consumers looking for what your company sells doesn’t only help your sales team; they also help your marketing team. Being aware of the business interests of your prospects, you can create targeted advertisements or content that truly speaks directly to them. As a result, the chances of having people click on your content and be redirected to your website are higher; further, this can also result in higher signups for your webinars.  

If you are looking to improve your sales and grow your business at a rapid pace, then get in touch with us today! We offer high-quality leads that will benefit you and your organization greatly.

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