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Local Service-based Businesses

Are you tired of expensive marketing that’s not moving the needle? Service-based businesses know they need it but don’t want to deal with it. It’s a struggle to perform your own digital marketing for local business campaigns well. And it’s expensive. GoEdison specializes in digital marketing for local businesses in the service industry. We make your phone ring. We increase your website traffic. We bring new leads. And we expand your brand presence within your community.

If you’ve been looking for a trusted marketing partner that values the partnership, fairness in pricing, and has a results-oriented approach, then give us a shout. We’re happy to chat and determine if it’s a good fit for both parties. Check out a few of our satisfied clients below.

Outpatient Practices

Are you a patient practice that doesn’t have time to focus on your marketing? Are you unhappy with the value you’re currently receiving from an agency? Dentists, spine surgeons, pain management doctors, and ultrasound clinics all trust GoEdison to bring them more patients and more value. We’ve delivered thousands of new patients to our medical partners.

We continue to bring more and more value to these communities as we keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Our clients trust us to focus on their marketing so they can focus on their patients and their practice. New patient practices trust us for website creation, design, and management, and we’re happy to share our portfolio with you.

Professional Services & SaaS

Whether your professional service is online or in person, we understand how to push your brand, your name, and your service to those who need it, at the time they need it. Niche industries and specialized services are our bread and butter. We help you fish in small ponds, with all the right fish, instead of a more costly broad-based approach. With a personalized strategy that hones in on heavily targeted audiences, we’re able to make your dollar go much farther than the rest. Our clients realize the value provided by GoEdison, and they talk about it.

Lastly, many of you are looking to pivot online or add virtual services. We know it’s a challenge to do it right, quick, and effective. Once we build your consultation page, webinar, or podcast, we’ll make sure it’s marketed appropriately to your current and potential customers.


Are you looking for early wins because you know your product is the best?  There are 2 ways to get to the top of your niche, whether you’re selling horse-feed or custom-printed recipe towels. You can pay from the start, and see an immediate return on that investment, or you can ride the SEO wave to the first page of Google over months and years, if you’re lucky. For e-commerce, we recommend the former option. It’s important to see your inventory moved, and over time, your brand and traffic will help naturally improve your search engine results page (SERP).  With Google-certified team members, we understand the ins and outs that most owners don’t want to deal with in setting up their own campaigns.

E-commerce is a broad industry and will be for many years to come. If you’re needing help pushing your product with expert pay-per-click advertising, then GoEdison is happy to help.

Don't Listen To Us Though

“I have worked with GoEdison for several years now. The experience has been amazing. Joel and his team are absolutely top notch! GoEdison has been instrumental in the growth of my dental practice. They are proactive and responsive to all my needs.”

-Matthew Wimmer, DMD, Owner at Matthew Wimmer Dental

“In May 2019, I hired GoEdison to do social media marketing for me. They have been very responsive to my needs, were able to act fast and have always given me quality service. We are now looking at managing our social media in a more aggressive manner. Our business has increased substantially with the new site and we are on track to recoup lost revenue, and even exceed our previous year.”

-Jim Rea, Owner of ForcoColorado.com

“GoEdison helped us put a systematic email marketing plan in place, which we really needed to maintain contact with prospects and be top-of-mind when need and budget availability converged. They’re good listeners. Once they understood the nuances they made good recommendations and brought plenty of best practices to us. They’ve become really efficient over time and somehow manage to be both cost-efficient and high touch at the same time. Both important to a small business like ours.”

-David Sroka, CEO and Founder of Point of Reference

“They’re not just a digital advertising agency I hired, rather each person I work with is my partner, goes the extra mile, an out of the box thinker, has never met a problem, no deadline is too short. Do yourself a favor, hire them and see for yourself.”

– Halle Sherwin, Kismet TV

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