Are You Being Smart with Your Small Business Marketing?

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Perspective is everything when discussing a proposal with a company needing to up their game in the digital marketing arena. In our local market, digital marketing Denver companies and/or content marketing Denver companies are vast, but this is no threat to a company like GoEdison as the result of our relationships, and – more importantly – our retention, which is possible because of results. However, the negotiating is often a surprising process in the sense that perspective is often missing from the standpoint of the prospective company on the fence about whether or not to move forward. In this blog, we’ll dig into why content marketing Denver demand trends should make GoEdison an easy choice.


Affordable Digital Marketing or Expensive Personnel?

The companies who’re questioning the direction they want to go with marketing who’re not already staffed with a full-time employee dedicated to their marketing are in a crucial position. To be sure, if an employee hasn’t already been hired, the companies in this position are in a fortunate place. These companies are about to save themselves a lot of money while also achieving their marketing goals with much better results – not to mention far less time and headache. The companies who’re in this position will save money – assuming they choose to seek their marketing externally – aka: not hire a marketing employee.

Some companies need a full-time marketing employee staffed in their company, and these same companies still need outside help with their content marketing, social media marketing, and/or SEO.If you’re at all familiar with SEO or content marketing, then you are undoubtedly aware with the critical importance of anchor text. However, there have been an increasing number of companies who’re battling between the full-time marketing employee and hiring a company like GoEdison. How do we know this? We’ve encountered this scenario many times, and we’ve observed it in other instances as well. Once a proposal heads into the four-digit realm as a monthly cost for our services, there’s often a new tone that inevitably displaces the old. Suddenly, things are serious; it’s now less small talk, friendly laughter, and more firm figures. This is all to be expected, right?

There are many reasons this tone-change takes place. Some companies are genuinely struggling to find the adequate cash flow to make the moves they want to make. Many of these types of companies continue forward with us, but they scale-down the scope of the service because the funds aren’t there for more work, but they still need the help. Other companies are in a good position for an extensive level of service, but they had a different idea about the cost of a dedicated marketing team. The key to the last sentence is one word: team. We’ll get to the team component soon.

Cutting to the chase, suppose a company is seeking a line of work that’s tied to a $2,500 monthly retainer. This is the amount to pay a team of people who eat, sleep, and drink your company’s industry, demographics, online presence, SEO, social media, blogs, newsletters, email list (huge), and the list goes on. Many reading this last sentence may be (or should be) asking themselves, “Do we do that?” Others may be saying, “We want that!” Either way, this is a good thing, but it still begs an important question: Could any company hire an effective marketing employee for $30,000 a year ($2,500 x 12 months)?

Suppose you’re dishonest and said yes to the above question. Here’s another question: “Would that one person be better than a dedicated marketing team of digital marketing / content marketing specialists?” Suppose you’re really stubborn, and have replied yes to both questions. Here’s the last question: “Would this single employee only cost $30,000?” The answer is a definite no. There are payroll taxes, healthcare costs, and various other costs that go hand-in-hand with a W-2 versus a 1099 (employee vs. GoEdison).


GoEdison: Your Digital Marketing Denver Team

Previously, the cost of a dedicated marketing team was mentioned. The idea of a dedicated professional digital marketing Denver team at your back is a very powerful thought. Not only does a digital marketing Denver team infer more than one person, which is more bang for your buck, but it’s a collaborate effort that’s not only specialized, but making the most of a fast-moving world that’s too much for one person.

The speed of information is probably gaining on the heels of the speed of light; it’s fast. From our experience, it’s too fast for any one person in a company to manage. Further, the people who’re often given the role of digital marketing – if not marketing in general – in any given company, are often thrown this piece of the puzzle in addition to a host of other roles they’re supposedly going to tackle. This person, we’re sorry to reveal, is doomed to fail, and it’s not their fault.

The reality of business, as many are finding out – hence our more active phone department at GoEdison – is the need for digital marketing in their budget. At a certain point while you’re standing still, you’re bound to see the crowds running by you in various directions. This is probably a metaphor for the way businesses without an effective digital marketing presence have been feeling. If you do have a digital marketing presence, but aren’t getting adequate results, you’re among those running, but don’t know where you’re going. Among those running aimlessly are the overwhelmed marketing employees who’re also running out of steam.

It’s a sad sight to see the poor marketing employee(s) who’re thrown digital marketing like it’s a weekly errand. We’re contacted by these employees directly. Often, the conversation we have with these employees is one of desperation to stop the bleeding of their overwhelming workload that isn’t commensurate to their 40-hour work week – not to mention the expertise they lack to pull it off effectively. Surprisingly, many of these employees who’re looking for us to save them from the digital marketing work they can’t do (that their boss gave them to save money), thought digital marketing meant posting on the company’s Facebook page.


GoEdison: Your Content Marketing Denver Team

It’s our hope at GoEdison that after reading this blog and other content on our site you’ve caught onto the importance of content in your business’s future. In the finance world, cash is king. To borrow from that, in the digital marketing world, content is king. Without quality content, you’re playing a numbers game to win the fickle battle of catching a conversion looking for the first relevant stop they find (SEO) or the lowest price (Amazon) – and chances are the answer to both of those is the same (Amazon).

Also, to be sure, GoEdison is not restricted to Denver. To be transparent, over half of our business is out-of-state, spanning from the east coast to the west coast and in-between. The beauty of the digital realm is you can be anywhere, and communication is possible all the time. We’ve even had business in India, and communication was never a problem. Our hope is to help you communicate better through your content, which will be focused, tailored, and targeted to reach those you’re meant to reach – not merely reaching as many as possible. We believe in quality audiences more than large audiences.

So, let’s save some money from the expensive employee with the bad stories and creepy laugh. Let’s give your content a makeover after a free content audit, then position it to make an impact. We’re happy to announce our interactive content marketing strategies new
to 2017 that’ll provide further engagement and – ultimately – increased conversion. Our growing team has allowed us to expand our services, making interactive content marketing possible.

Let your content marketing Denver team help your business wherever you are. Let’s get your audience dialed-in, and let’s inspire that audience to be a loyal advocate of your business’s brand.

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