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Small Business Advocates

We’ve been growing fast this last year. More importantly, as we’ve continued to grow, our clients continue to grow as well. However, we’ve never been complacent, and we’re definitely not satisfied with our small victories. We’re not unhappy with our progress; it has been overwhelming how fast things have advanced, and we’re grateful for it. Despite our immediate success, and achieving results for clients (hence the success), we’ve still felt the need to find our place and continue to be the best small business advocates we can be.

Companies should never quit searching for their purpose. Even if a company thinks they’ve found their purpose, it’s our belief you’re either going up or you’re going down; there’s no in-between. Similarly, with respect to being on-time, chances are you’re either early or late; there’s no such thing as being “on-time.” For this reason, the spirit of small business is the spirit of the pursuit, and it’s the reason we operate. Never quit searching, never quit learning, and always stay hungry.

Content Marketing is the Spirit of Small Business

We’re staunch believers in the idea that content marketing is the driving force behind the overarching digital marketing strategy. Much of the reason for this belief isn’t only within the zeroes and ones operating behind the scenes in Google, but also because the spirit and passion is conveyed in the raw content. Why do we rush to get an Apple? Why do we drive the extra distance to get a coffee at our local coffee shop rather than the inevitably closer coffee shop? Most of us support our community, appreciate our local family-owned small businesses, and we’re thirsty (no pun intended) to support something and advance a cause.

In Denver, people are quick to give their hard-earned dollars to a new venture or hip establishment trying to do something different and deliver their creative product or service with a unique experience. The content is where the spirit of small business comes alive, and it’s what separates those in business for years from the eventual “For Lease” signs. There’s responsibility in content marketing, and that responsibility is fulfilled via consistency. Never stop doing what got you there; it’s how it all happened.

Changing Englewood Through Content Marketing

Every community has its own feel and message. Denver doesn’t necessarily respond the way Englewood responds; however, the two are definitely getting more similar as Colorado remains a national hot-spot. The point is every community is unique, and it’s important to respect this fact when developing a content marketing strategy. This may seem touchy-feely or a case of over complicating marketing, but the point of marketing isn’t simply to blast a large audience. The point of content marketing is to tap-into the pulse of a targeted audience, which is where the call-to-action converts and the results are achieved.

Englewood has a strong devotion to tradition, family, and – in our opinion – it’s the epitome of small business. It’s possible it would be a mistake for many established businesses in Englewood to try too hard to be the new hip and fresh business. Englewood thrives on the established vintage storefront; however, it would be a mistake for these establishments to stick with their vintage marketing “strategy.” The people of Englewood still embrace the small business charm, but the demographics are changing as fast as the technology. To not embrace a consistent content marketing strategy and/or digital marketing strategy could leave the door wide open for competition to inspire your potential audience.

Creating Small Business Partners

Small business is why we exist, and small business is why our economy exists. We’re operating a small business ourselves, and our goal is to be partners with small businesses and to always be proud small business advocates. Of course, we provide digital marketing services, and we tailor a strategy around each unique client, but we’ve found our value is maximized when we go further into the operations. Too often we’ve observed businesses who’re operating with bad vendors. Whether businesses are stuck in contracts with bad SEO companies or overpriced advertising arrangements (the list is long), we’re able to protect our clients from these arrangements and supplement these costs through our services or eliminate dead-weight, thus increasing monthly operating cash flow. When you have a small business advocate on your side, you have a partner, not just another vendor.

We genuinely want our clients to succeed, and we approach them like we’re a partner in their operations. The goal toward client success goes way deeper than looking good to our client-base. The entire motivation comes down to the engine of our economy: small business. Small business doesn’t exist without people who partner together. It’s a humbling thing to be invited into an operation that’s an evolvement of families, life savings, and hundreds of hours of work. We don’t take this role lightly, and we literally immerse ourselves into the operations. For those willing to let us in, we’ll not only become your marketing hub, but we’ll become integral to your operations where it makes sense. We’re in this together.

Why We Love Free Coffee

Speaking of coffee, which was mentioned above, let’s start developing a strategy together. Tell us about your business – the good and especially the bad. It’s never too late to start anything. Few things jazz us up more than engaging with our community and jump-starting a new small business or an established business looking for increased engagement. This is all starts with a conversation and honesty. We’d be honored and humbled to schedule a meeting with you over coffee on us. We thank you for believing in GoEdison and for teaming up with us to be small business advocates who work with you.

Be Bold.

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