Why Content Marketing is Everything

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The days of pop-up ads, distracting banners, and intrusive screen overlays are over. Spam folders are growing increasingly bare and non-applicable products are no longer being shoved in front of uninterested faces. In their place arises a new marketing king: content.

This revolution roots itself in the consumer’s desire to be presented relevant, high-quality content that engages them in what they are interested in, not necessarily what you are selling. With modern technology and web-based data, generating and sharing this content in a targeted way is easier and more effective than it has ever been.

A key factor in the continued power of content marketing lies in its versatility and malleability. As a result of the flexible and custom-fit nature of content marketing, it is able to evolve and adapt to market trends, changes in various platforms, and consumer demands.

To better illuminate why content marketing is everything in 2018 and beyond, we’ve put together a brief list of its many strengths and uses. Whether you are interested in developing your own content marketing strategy or simply looking to improve your preexisting plan, read on!

Visibility through Transparency

Openness and authenticity are traits that consumers are placing more and more value on as access to information continues to grow. By incorporating transparency in your content marketing, you will have the opportunity to connect with this new breed of consumer and subsequently increase your visibility.

Just how important is transparency? According to one study, the vast majority of consumers don’t view most brands as having legitimate credibility. If you are unable to change this perception—and consequently fall into the category of lacking credibility—your company will struggle. The opposite is also true, however, thus pointing toward a unique opportunity.

By establishing yourself as a trustworthy brand, you open yourself to the potential benefits. The same study identified that nearly 90% of consumers are open to rewarding a brand for its authenticity – including purchasing from them, being brand loyal, and recommending the brand to their friends.

So, how do you shape your reputation as a transparent and trustworthy brand? Content marketing, of course!

Generating and sharing content that provides a glimpse into the values and humanity of your brand is a great place to start. Make sure that you are staying relevant to your consumers’ interests while remaining true to who you are as a brand. Adding a personal touch, such as getting your employees involved, can contribute to a positive image as well.

When you back those insights up with high-quality goods and services, stellar customer service, and even community involvement, you give life to your claims and establish yourself as a transparent and trustworthy company worthy of support.

Capitalizing on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media consumes vast quantities of most people’s daily lives. While a puppy’s first time at the beach or the latest celebrity gossip is stiff competition, there is no reason that you can’t utilize social media to your advantage as a brand.

The key is to do so in a thoughtful, yet human way. You don’t want to become the latest social media disaster by posting something considered insensitive, but you do want to give your company a transparent, human online presence. The key is to be thoughtful, but not sterile.

The best part of this form of content marketing is that it does not require expensive equipment or even substantial monetary investment. In fact, anyone with a mobile device can effectively use social media as a marketing tool. For example, posting brief video updates on the day-to-day happenings of your company via the “Story” feature on both Facebook and Instagram is a simple, casual way to include people in your brand’s culture.

There are seemingly endless opportunities to incorporate content marketing into your social media presence, so it is important to thoroughly explore your options and develop a strategy that best benefits your specific brand. Whether it’s through trial and error, market analytics, the guidance of an advisor, or a combination of each, it is vital to maximize the effectiveness of your social media outlets!

Our Final Thoughts

All of the data points toward content marketing being the most efficient way for businesses to promote themselves and their products. It’s versatile, diverse, and highly cost-effective. From a return on investment standpoint, there really isn’t a better option in today’s business environment.

The primary motivating factor for the outstanding results brands experience from content marketing is the change in consumer perceptions and desires. Consumers would rather deal with personal, accessible companies than faceless ads. They’re more interested in increasing their knowledge through engaging and applicable content than shallow promotions.

By developing a targeted strategy to create the image you desire for your brand, you will be able to break into the ultra-successful realm of content marketing and vastly expand your horizons.