Joel Allen

Joel has the privilege of guiding the GoEdison team through the ebbs and flows of small business and at times, life itself. Joel leads strategy team, customizing the approach for each incredible small business client, to squeeze every ounce of value from their dollar. Outside of work, there’s the occasional old guy basketball pickup games, but mostly he’s watching his little girl grow up while attempting to teach her a couple things along the way.
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Ashley Andrien

PPC Manager
Ashley is our pay-per-click (PPC) marketing whiz at GoEdison. Clients look to her for all things Google Ads and paid ads on social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. When she’s not busy beating out your competition for leads, you can find Ashley hanging out with her Maltese-Dachshund Lucy or listening to the latest live Phish show.

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Andrew Rice

Web Developer
Andrew is your friendly neighborhood Web Developer for the GoEdison Team. He can handle all of your website needs, wether it is tracking down an issue with your email, adding a shiny new feature to your site, or building a brand new web presence from scratch. When he’s not geeking out on code, he can be found hiking in the mountains with his family or flying off to Costa Rica with his son to catch the next swell.
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Taylor Friesth

Digital Marketing Specialist
Meet Taylor Joe Friesth – the 'Swiss Army Knife' of GoEdison. With his strategic mindset and creative flair, Taylor knows how to make your brand shine on Google Ads. But when he's not busy crafting campaigns, you might find him behind a drum kit or out running in the woods!
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Taylor Keen

Meta Ads & Technology Manager
Taylor Keen, a technology enthusiast with a strong affinity for digital marketing, has accumulated over a decade of experience in the field. Currently, Taylor heads the Meta Advertising division at GoEdison, spearheading innovative strategies and delivering impressive results for clients. Outside of work, Taylor is a devoted basketball fan, closely following the latest games and statistics. Balancing professional expertise with personal passions, Taylor is committed to excellence in every endeavor.
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Well before GoEdison was founded, two friends from Denver Colorado, James Harper and Jimbo Davis, understood the incredibly positive driving force that small businesses have on their communities and America’s culture. With marketing and finance backgrounds, they quickly saw this major section of the US economy being underserved by large marketing companies who were more focused on hooking the “big fish”. The result was poor service and overpriced fees. In December 2015, James and Jimbo founded GoEdison with the purpose of bringing small businesses quality marketing in a rapidly evolving digital landscape and providing high value with effective marketing at a fair budget.


GoEdison was formed to be a small business itself, serving small businesses. The name GoEdison was created from a respect of national icon and inventor Thomas Edison. Perseverance, boldness, and creativity that produced results is the legacy of Thomas Edison. He took ideas and he executed on them. Thus, a marketing agency priding itself in “ideas to execution” was born.


With a small and nimble team, GoEdison found success year after year from the beginning. Each solid team member brought a new specialty and personality and subsequently a fresh new chapter for GoEdison. After solid, organic growth in each of its first 4 years and discovering their niche, James and Jimbo decided it was time for new leadership to take GoEdison to the next level of operation. They sold GoEdison in November 2019 to a father-son team in Joel and Gary Allen from Nashville, TN. With previous successful entrepreneurial pursuits and the same values as James and Jimbo, the choice was clear on who should take over.


GoEdison continues to be a small business serving small businesses with effective digital marketing. The values of integrity, transparency, creativity, and excellence drive the team daily. The goal remains to serve as many small businesses as possible, offering them a trusted marketing partner at a fair price to bring real value.