Meet with your marketing agency.

Small to medium-sized businesses turn to marketing agencies to work alongside them to help maximize the brand’s potential and, quite frankly, their budget. There is a lengthy list of characteristics that describe a good marketing agency, but the question becomes, are they effectively following through with their responsibilities to drive results. Here are a list

The spirit of small business is raw and innocent conversation that leads to ideas that are put into action. James Harper (Founder of GoEdison) and I have been friends for a long time; we’re approaching a 15-year milestone before too long. We found our friendship through shared obstacles. In my experience, nothing bonds two people

Businesses to increase call volume

In 2020, so many businesses are moving their operation online.  Strategies are shifting to either fully online e-commerce models or pushing a large chunk of sales and sales opportunities to their websites.  That shift has brought every millennial and their friend out of the woodwork, popping up digital marketing agencies to offer Instagram ads, Facebook