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We understand that Covid-19 is not going anywhere, but many local municipalities are opening their economies this month. If your business hit the pause button during the last few months, pushed through, or is simply restarting now, then we’ve got some resources that will really help you boost your marketing efforts.

Webinar: How to Create an effective marketing strategy
in 15 Minutes

Creating an effective marketing strategy can be less daunting than you think. There’s a pretty straightforward formula for most businesses.

Walk through an example with GoEdison’s strategy team to learn how we create effective strategies for our clients that result in positive returns over and over again. We believe you’ll get great value from this one!

In a 15 short minutes you’ll learn our rinse and repeat method that works by simply tailoring it to each client. In this download, we’ll cover the following:

  • Identify your audience and their journey to finding you
  • Knowing where to spend your money efficiently
  • Create your budget to ensure positive ROI
How to Create an effective marketing strategy in 15 minutes

A One-Pager: Cold Emails & Follow Up Strategy

Ok, so you’ve spent the time and energy putting together an amazing cold email flow. You’re able to track the opens, clicks, and overall engagement. Great!

No replies come in…or wait, maybe one! Oh, they just asked to unsubscribe. Ok, soooo now what?

Now what? Now look at this step-by-step guide on ​exactly​ what to do after you hit send! This one-page, easily digestible strategy will tell you all of the following:

  • 9 exact steps to take and emails to send
  • Timeline of exact days/weeks to perform each step
  • 7 honest and real tips for the actual emails
  • How to finally wrap up the communication
  • Never burn the bridge

There’s a lot of information on this one-page that has taken ​years of experience​ to develop. Why not grab it for free right now?

Email Follow Up

Webinar: How To Optimize Your Google Ads
in 15 Minutes (or less)

Do you run Google Ads? Does your company run them? If you’re looking for a little bump in those results, check out our FREE webinar.

Our Google Ads expert, Ashley Andrien, will walk you through a 15-minute optimization that anyone can do.

If you didn’t make it live, simply register below for access!


Discover secret tools that the pros use and get your growth trajectory back on track!

Our first tool is just that, a slidedeck marketing toolkit. Download the free 10-piece toolkit, with links and explanations, and improve your digital marketing immediately.


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