A New Social Media Recipe: If This Then That

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Here at GoEdison one of our top priorities is to bring our readers great quality content. We believe one way to bring you more valuable content is by featuring guest-bloggers to share their experience and expertise. Our blog today was written by Lauren Kramer, a true social media strategist, an Instagram expert and a diverse marketing mind that understands digital branding and the importance of client relationships. She breaks down one of her favorite social media tricks that will help you create multiple pieces of content with one click.

A New Social Media Recipe: If This Then That

I am a huge fan of automation and having social channels synchronized. Yes, you definitely have to switch content up all of your social platforms, but every now and then, a little cross-pollination doesn’t hurt. My favorite tool I came across a year or so ago is If This Then That (IFTTT). 
IFTTT is magic. You create an if-then statement “recipe” where you create a “trigger” that puts it into action. My favorite way to use IFTTT is to push an Instagram photo to Twitter as a native photo. Yes, yes, I know. You can push your Instagram photo straight from the app. But, it’s just a link and humans are lazy. When I see an Instagram link, unless I’m really intrigued, there’s a 9/10 chance that I will not click on it.

So here’s the IFTTT lowdown: Step One

And make it look like this: Step Two

Doesn’t the second tweet look so much better than the first? So fresh and clean! Here’s how you do it. Your If-Then statement will be the following: “If I post a picture on Instagram, then post to Twitter as a picture (not a link).” Once you set up this recipe, every time you post to Instagram IFTTT will wave its magic wand and within a few minutes, sometimes it’s a tad delayed, your photo will be on Twitter!


This recipe is the perfect way to get pictures onto Twitter. Typically, I see the best engagement on tweets that have an image associated with it. This recipe will kill two birds with one stone. You’ll get a tweet up and one with a graphic!
According to PR News, by 2017 74% of all Internet traffic will be video. Take your IFTTT recipes a step further and make sure that your Instagram videos get pushed to Twitter with this recipe:

Not only is IFTTT great for integrating your social channels, they also have a plethora of different recipes for home appliances and more! IFTTT is truly trying to make your life easier one recipe at a time. 

For more about Lauren Kramer and how awesome she is, visit her website at www.LaurenAKramer.com

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