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It’s very easy to overlook the power of content – let alone the power of the blog. If we got a dollar every time we received skeptical smirks at the mentioning of blogs as a useful tool, we’d never have to pay for gas again. Some of us view these smirks as opportunities, and those of us at GoEdison are among that crowd.

The blog isn’t about reaching out to a disinterested audience to convince them to be interested. If we thought that was a viable route, we’d hire a sign-twirler. ZING!

If that hurt, it hurt for a valid reason. Therefore, stop doing it (hiring sign-twirlers)!

Why You Should Blog

The short answer is this: Content is King.

Blogging is the flagship route toward utilizing your content effectively. In the end, once you’ve developed and maintained a consistent content marketing strategy, you’ve integrated your content. When we say integrated, we’re saying your content is strategically coordinated to flow from your website’s pages to the blogs within the blog section of the website – not to mention the content within your social media channels. Last, this integration should hit home via the content to reach your email list / newsletters / eBooks – alluding to your most intimate audience.

The blog is your beacon to generate the engagement that’ll eventually result in the intimacy that can’t happen any other way. The blog respects the idea of a process. If relationships could be developed overnight, dating wouldn’t be such an important part of the love process.

There’s that word again: Process.

Building Relationships is a Process

Is this blog about processes, relationships, or content…oh, yeah…and blogs?

All of the above.

Content is King – as we’ve already declared – and the blog happens to be among the most powerful tools toward putting that content to use.

Blogs, when written well – alluding to putting in the time – and done so consistently (putting in more time routinely), are methods of turning cold leads into lukewarm if not warm leads. Sometimes leads don’t want to admit they’re leads, but they are. Kind of like the person we’re scoping out in the clubs, they may be rolling their eyes at first, but they have to make you work for it a little bit; that’s half the fun. No one wants to make it too easy. The person we’re talking to at the club wants to play the game. When it’s too easy, it doesn’t last. The same goes for clients; the ones we work for are the highest quality.

Blogging is a way to earn trust. Blogging is also a way to say things in a way we can’t express any other way. Good luck putting a commercial out there that answers all the questions a blog answers with the same content. People are going to switch the channel, leave the couch to paint their garage, or simply fall asleep. Also, if a TV ad gave you the time a blog does, it would be enormously expensive; we call those infomercials. Blogs are all about building a relationship and – more importantly – building a brand.

Blogs Build Your Brand

So, now we’ve shifted to brands; this is on purpose.

Ask Apple if they built their brand overnight – let alone in a year. Apple probably built their brand faster than most, and it took them years to do so. Brands are difficult to build because it’s a painstaking process of creating purposeful and affirming associations that appeal to the subconscious mind to the point that it’s automatic and unnoticed, hence subconscious. These associations are powerful; it’s the alpha-omega of a marketing strategy. However, this is the process of processes; it’s a consistent and never-ceasing messaging campaign that eventually sinks into the minds of the audience.

Blogs are incredibly powerful in this regard because they give you a chance to say something. Not much can be said in 140 characters. Not much can be said in 30 seconds within a video. However, once a brand is established after a successful content strategy consisting of consistent blogs, not much has to be said. That’s the power of a brand.

That’s the power of the blog.

Put the Content Before the Horse

You’ve heard the line, “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” In the case of content, it should come first. Don’t undercut your content; it’s the blood of your marketing. What’s the body without the blood that flows within it? What’s your marketing without content?

Check out our website, click around, and contact GoEdison to revive your content today.

Be Bold.

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