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Top 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn is So Popular in B2B Marketing

January 27, 2021

When it comes to social media platforms, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the most business-oriented. Think about it; Facebook is great for keeping up with friends and family, Twitter comes in handy when you need to catch up with the latest trends, and Instagram is picture-perfect. With more than 760 million users, LinkedIn is the only platform where professionals can interact and keep up with industry news.

If you’re not on this platform, then you’re missing out on a lot! Here are 5 reasons why LinkedIn is extremely popular in B2B marketing.

1. It Helps You Show Thought Leadership

LinkedIn was recently voted as the most trusted network, and in March 2020, users watched an average of 4 million hours worth of learning content. If this doesn’t show the hunger for industry content that most professionals have, then a few other things will. 

The good news is that this gives you a chance to position yourself as an industry leader by sharing your expertise on the platform. People are more likely to buy from your organization if they trust you, and there’s no better way to do this than by demonstrating your knowledge. 

You can do this by:

  • Sharing high-quality educational content.
  • Optimizing your personal profile.
  • Actively commenting on industry-related content.

Keep in mind that leadership and reputation are directly related to the amount of influence that you hold. 

2. It’s Great for Increasing Brand Awareness

Your business has an opportunity to interact with potential clients, but only if people are aware of its existence. Every time you share relevant industry content, post articles on your company page or connect with other professionals, you start creating a community of people who are interested in your products or services. 

There are various tools you could use to boost company awareness, including;

  • Creating an official page for your business
  • Joining and participating in relevant groups
  • Sharing relevant content on your personal profiles. 

3. It Enhances Lead Generation

Did you know that this platform’s conversion rate is 3 times higher than that of other ad platforms? 

LinkedIn is a rich source of sales-qualified leads, and you just have to connect with them! This platform provides B2B marketing in several ways to identify potential leads, engage with them, and eventually convert them into paying customers. 

You can easily narrow down your target customers based on attributes such as their industry, title, location, and even size of business. The next step is sending them connection requests, and LinkedIn allows you to send one with a personalized message. Think of this as an interview of sorts where you convince the other person to accept your connection request. 

4. Community Building

LinkedIn business pages are one of the most underutilized features of the platform, and yet they are a great way of building a community around your brand. Unlike Facebook, you cannot directly invite connections to join your page, but you can send them page links. This means that the people who follow you are mostly unprompted and are truly interested in your business. 

Use your page to share important company information, post job updates, and engage your followers with industry-specific information. 

5. It’s Great for Networking

In B2B marketing, you cannot underestimate the importance of networking; it’s the best way to identify prospects! With LinkedIn, your net worth is directly related to your connections. You don’t even have to attend events; you only have to connect with professionals that are likely to benefit from your product or services.


Are you reaping the full benefits of LinkedIn? If you’re having challenges navigating this platform, get in touch with GoEdison for a LinkedIn strategy consult, or let us know another way you’re using LinkedIn effectively.